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Larry Sheatsley

Aviation Product & Litigation Specialist

Following graduation with an Aerospace Engineering degree, Larry Sheatsley worked for Bell Helicopter for the next 34+ years before retirement. After a few years in the System Safety Engineering Design Group, Larry was invited to join Bell’s new Product Liability section of its Legal Department during its formative years. Larry’s participation in Bell’s Liability section led to an active case load decline of nearly 73% during his tenure.

Larry’s experience in defending hundreds of lawsuits in nearly every state and in many foreign countries gives him the unique ability to know and understand both the technical as well as legal aspects of liability litigation. As a result, Larry has extensive product knowledge of the entire Bell product line from the Model 47 through the V-22 Osprey. In addition, Larry has represented Bell in over 40 jury trials as corporate representative.

Larry pioneered the discovery of illegally rebuilt helicopters by initiating a manufacturer’s computerized accident data base and has conducted numerous statistical analyses for both engineering and legal purposes. In addition, Larry has attended many helicopter training courses covering Field Maintenance, Component Overhaul and Pilot Ground School.

Other matters of responsibility included defense of claims related to asbestos and other hazardous substances, employment discrimination, contract fraud, counterfeit parts and class action cases.