Aircraft Accident Reconstruction

and Litigation Support

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-  Accident Reconstruction

     -  This is the reinvestigation of the accident and management of the other experts in relation to the overall accident.

-  Engine Investigation

     -  This is a specialized and important part of almost every investigation, our expert will determine the state of the engines at the time of the accident, as well as determine any failures that engine may have suffered.

-  aircraft systems investigation

     -  An aircraft is made up of multiple systems that work together. From hydraulics to avionics we can trace failures and analyze the affect of those failures on aircraft performance.

-  Maintenance investigations

     -  Aircraft maintenance can be a daunting task. It can be complicated, physically demanding, and unforgiving. Our investigators have the experience necessary to find maintenance problems that can cause an accident.

-  Crashworthiness investigations

     -  This determines the forces that were involved in an accident and determines the overall survivability of an accident.

-  Seat and restraint systems investigations

     -  This investigation can determine crash forces on occupants and cargo. This is an integral part of a crashworthiness investigation.

-  aircraft records and documentation investigation

     - If you didn't record it, it didn't happen. That is the mantra of the aviation industry and we have the background necessary to determine if records were kept correctly and that maintenance and flights have been properly documented.

-  Litigation case management and technical support

     -  Aviation cases are complicated affairs involving thousands of pages of discovery and records. We know what to look for and how to find it while reconstructing accidents.

-  Pilot Experts

     -  We have over 20,000hrs of flight experience at SAFE INTERNATIONAL, Inc. and we can speak authoritatively on flight operations and safety for helicopters, general aviation, military aviation, both fixed and rotary wing.

-  Familiarization

     - We can provide exposure to large or small groups of students on any of the above subjects. We are available for conferences, seminars, classrooms, and one on one for your aviation safety needs.

Litigation Support

We can advise you where possible vulnerabilities or liabilities lay for all parties in the case, and assist you in multiple facets of the litigation process. We can provide technical advice, reports, expert witness testimony, discovery, research, background, and assist with an understanding of aviation operations and safety.


When an aircraft crashes the NTSB launches the investigation. This is called the 'Party Investigation' and it involves all parties that would have a piece to contribute in expertise. For more information click these links below:

Accident Reconstruction

This is the post NTSB investigation of the accident. Due to current US regulations parts of the NTSB investigation are restricted in their use in litigation, specifically the probable cause. We use our experience with hundreds of previous aircraft accident investigations to find the root cause.

SAFE International, Inc.

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