Aircraft Accident Reconstruction

and Litigation Support

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Floyd A. (Tony) James

Aviation Safety and Security Consultant

Current Activities
International Aviation Safety and Security Consultant in private practice.  Perform aircraft accident/incidents investigation and reconstruction; expert witness testimony; develop and implement business/corporate and commercial aviation flight safety and security programs that include crisis management/emergency response, incident/accident investigation, safety evaluations and compliance audits; and present aviation safety information via public forums.

Technical Background

Served more than 16 years with the Federal Aviation Administration, Washington, DC, in the following positions:

- Air Safety Investigator, Investigator-In-Charge, working more than 900 high-profile aircraft accidents, incidents and occurrences.
- International Captain on FAA Gulfstream IV, N-1, conducting worldwide operations for various U.S. government agencies, including transport of government dignitaries.
- Captain on Lear Jet 31A, N-2, conducting domestic operations for various U.S. government agencies, including transport of government dignitaries.

Served over 11 years with the Federal Aviation Administration Flight Standards District Offices in Rochester, NY, in the following positions:
- Aviation Safety Inspector (Operations). Principal Operations Inspector for air carrier operators operating under Title 14 CFR Part 121, Title 14 CFR Part 135, and various other parts of Title 14.

Served more than six years in Odessa, Texas, as Director of Operations and Chief Pilot for a major Title 14 CFR Part 135, for a fixed base operation, which included single engine, multi-engine and jet aircraft serving the U.S. and Mexico.

FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, Private through Airline Transport Pilot, Written Test Examiner and FAA Accident Prevention Counselor.

Community College Instructor, Odessa College, Texas, for more than six years teaching basic aviation and aerodynamics accredited courses.

Law Enforcement Officer, served for over six years for State of Texas and local Texas police, pilot and surveillance operations.

Worked for over six years at Kennedy Space Center, Florida, as a Mechanical Design Engineer on Apollo XVII, Apollo Soyuz through Shuttle STS-1.

More than five years teaching private, commercial and instrument accredited ground school courses and pilot instruction as a Community College Instructor, Brevard Community College (now Eastern Florida State College), Florida

FAA certified Flight Instructor and Charter Pilot for a Fixed Base Operation, Merritt Island, Florida

Worked for over two years at Radiation, Inc. (now Harris Corporation), Palm Bay, Florida, as an Electro-mechanical Design Engineer on U-2 and SR-71 aircraft, transmission of real-time surveillance data from aircraft to ground data points.

Worked on underwater surveillance of submarines from aircraft as a Mechanical Designer for two years at RCA Service Company, Rosman, NC.  NASA Satellite Tracking Station, tracking and audio for Apollo 11 and surveillance of other satellites.

Worked for three years at Stencel Aero Engineering Co., Arden, NC. as a Mechanical Draftsman designing and testing ballistically-opened parachute systems.

Military Police, served two years, United States Army, 1967-1969.